"'Creative B2B Branding (No, really)' not only functions as a valuable explanation of what good branding is and its relevance in B2B, more importantly it provides a comprehensive and practical roadmap to help achieve your own B2B brand objectives..."

Joel Harrison, Editor, B2B Marketing

"...if more people read this book and were inspired by the ideas contained within it, the standard of business branding would rise significantly."

Joel Harrison, Editor, B2B Marketing

"Scot McKee is the devil on the shoulder of every B2B brand marketer, whispering 'go on, you know you want to - here's how'. McKee is one of the few practitioners in the field of B2B branding who can clearly articulate not only the process of building a brand with passion and charisma but also the tangible, long-term business benefit of doing so. Required reading for any B2B marketer. An inspiration."

Gary Strickland-Clark, CEO, Clear Pitch

"I only wish that McKee had written this book sooner. He deals with the gritty practicalities and challenges of B2B branding head on and provides clear direction for any business undertaking this challenge. Once he gets his teeth in he's like a dog that won't let go of the stick. Fantastic. Well done."

Peter Richards, Executive Chairman, Mobestar

"Paints a fantastic picture of business brands, how to build them and how to make them stick. McKee's at the top of his game here - irreverent, sharp, funny and with insight that can only be acquired at the school of hard knocks. I'll be putting the contents of this book into practice, starting now."

Marcus Bennett, Director, Venture Pilot

"'Creative B2B Branding (No, really)' not only serves as our guide and companion in understanding how to build brands that truly shine, it acts as our conscience, coach and mentor, daring us to step outside of the comfort zone and be noticed. McKee's teachings are passionate, committed, indignant, ingenious, current, relevant, daring, articulate, entertaining and arguably the best single investment for any business brand looking to raise its game."

Julian Thompson, Managing Director, On Demand Technology

"The words come alive off the page - I can almost hear Scot evangelising / telling people they are stupid. Easy to read, entertaining and insightful."

Andrea Clatworthy, Marketing Director, Logica UK

"How many marketing books do you laugh out loud at? Insightful B2B marketing comment and advice, mixed with witty anecdotes. It deserves its high ranking in Amazon business books."

Anne Snelson, Marketing Manager, RingGo

"Simply Brilliant."

Andy Lord, Managing Director, The ReThink Group plc

"Last night, I finished Scot McKee's book, 'Creative B2B Branding (no, really)'. First book I've finished in years! Yes, it's THAT good. If you're in B2B Marketing, you NEED to read this book. End of."

Oliver Budworth, Digital Director, Birddog

"I got this book last Friday, and read it over the weekend. The writing style is fun and with humor, and the book is insightful. I love it! I'm sharing it with others now. If you are in the B2B space, don't miss it."

Barb Parks MBA MSCS, Manager Digital Media Marketing, Siegel Display Products

"Creative B2B Branding (No, really): Top book from the top dog. Fresh, witty, asks the right questions of the c-suite."

Martin Smith, Senior Change Specialist, Unipart Expert Practices

"Business people who want to enjoy getting their brand out there must read this."

Jane Lord FIRP, Major Account Director, The ReThink Group plc

"I re-read Creative B2B Marketing (no, really) by Scot McKee - it's a great book, a reaffirmation of faith for any B2B Marketer. Funny, intelligent and not even a bit smug. If you haven't bought a copy, it's a great read!"

David Burnand, VP, Global Customer & Partner Marketing, Siemens IT Solutions & Services

"You should read this B2B book - it's great and gets to the point. Good lord it makes sense!!"

Andrew Mann, CEO, Tropical Imaging

"I've never laughed out loud at a B2B book before - but this is genius!"

Jon Holloway, Chief Digital Officer, Hurricane Marketing

"The most amusing and informative business book I have read! Why are they not all like this!"

James Farmer, Publishing Director, B2B Marketing

"A 'must read' for brand development within B2B."

Sarah Bogue, Global Brand Development Manager, Ernst & Young Global

"Can't Stop Recommending This Book. As someone who has learned all he knows about marketing from books, it's good to find one that I read all the way to the end. I thought I'd part with the cash and see if Scot could translate his ranting style of blog posts into a much longer piece. In short, he has. It made me smile through each chapter, it also got me thinking about my current business brands (and personal brand), especially the final case study (at which I'm still amazed he found a client with the balls - I know I never could). I am now recommending this book to most of the people I know in marketing, branding and design as a 'must read'."

Craig Killick, Director, Truly Scrumptious

"An interesting and funny book about B2B marketing (no, really). Seriously, this is a good and worthwhile read for anyone who thinks that B2B and creativity are not good bedfellows. I haven't read a B2B marketing book since I left university. Why? Because they're dull. They don't inspire. 'Creative B2B branding' gives the industry (and me, to be honest) a much needed kick up the a*rse and gives b2b marketing practitioners an excellent framework with which to both rejuvenate and develop a creative brand. It all starts with a story..."

Graeme Fraser, Marketing Manager, Changefirst

"If only all business books were this good. I don't mind admitting that I am now a bit of a Scot McKee stalker. I really enjoyed Scot's book. The tone is perfectly suited to the subject matter - to the point, informed and a bit mad. Towards the end Scot talks about social media and puts into context the power of being able to engage an audience. This section is particularly interesting and provides some excellent ammunition. If you are involved in helping others create a brand, grow awareness or even reduce customer complaints then this book is definitely for you and would be a useful read for clients."

Robert Hodson, Consultant, Jaegerson Ltd.

"Loving the awsome book! Thanks. It's so right on!!! It will provide a nice base for our newly formed b2b company. Sucks me in..."

Danielle Navas-Brandt, MBA, Brand Consulting

"Scot McKee makes the point that brands don't exist in theories and spreadsheets, they exist in the hearts and minds of people...even business people. His book is a timely reminder that the pursuit of risk reduction and quantifiable results is also a pursuit of the invisible brand when, contrary to popular opinion, there has never been a better opportunity for business brands to put their head above the parapet through creative strategy and communication. The point is enjoyably well made through his inimitable use of parrhesia."

Neil Stewart, Author & Brand Consultant

"Informative, insightful and entertaining. What more do you want?"

Steve Morris, Marketing Creative

"Thank you Scot for your very generous, professional and dynamic contribution at the round tables and for your time and support today. Everyone I asked appreciated you, indeed, your presence and expertise added tremendous value to these events. It was a pleasure and a blessing having you there. Speak soon. PS: my only regret is that you did not bring your guitar :+)"

Daniele Scialom, UK Country Manager, Actualize

"You don't have to thank me for reading your book, I should be the one thanking you for writing it. It has been most useful and knowledgeable. The best thing about the book is the way it takes on the principles of B2B. It's easy to comprehend and relate to in day to day business working and some of the examples have been a sure eye opener."

Ashima Kakar, Post-Graduate Student, IMT

"For every marketing student or practitioner this book is a must. Throw away, use as doorstops or light the BBQ with the over-sized and clichéd texts. Anybody involved in even the vaguest way with marketing will benefit hugely from this book. There aren't many books about B2B Branding around. So if that's your game then this is just the steroid you need. Yes. Here is a book on branding that does not have a picture of Coca-Cola. And yet you will learn more from this book than those loaded with pictures of brands that we see a 1000 times a day. He replaces the clichéd pictures with delightfully dry British humour. This is like no marketing book you have read - whether on branding or otherwise. It is evident that Scot McKee lives and breathes brands and specifically B2B brands. He writes in a way that is extremely accessible, entertaining and yet puts the point across in an easy-to-understand-and-apply manner."

Peter Roxburgh, Business Development, Marton House plc

"I'm not usually a fan of business books, colleagues have given me some in the past that have just seemed dull and talk utter pap. This one is different. I stumbled across Birddog (Scot's Agency) a couple of years ago and have enjoyed reading their pearls of wisdom and laughed out loud on many occasions - wishing I had the guts to commission them for some work. They have always appeared edgy, slightly barking, and it is great to see that Scot has carried through this personality into the book. Personality is an important element of Scot's branding message. Scot doesn't rely on complex and theoretical models that are nonsense when applied in the real world. The main theme is to build a personality for your brand with the help of your customers and your colleagues. Read it, enjoy it, laugh with it and then implement his ideas. If you are brave enough, you might end up with some adverts featuring a fat bloke with his head in a bowl of cornflakes."

David Bennett, Marketing & Strategic Accounts Director, KOREC Group

"It's a marketer's Bible. A tome of valuable information. A thing of beauty and it looks good on the shelf. Nice."

Mike Lowndes, Director, PML Media

"Creative B2B Branding (no, really) is an essential read for all B2B companies. Scot is 'shake-ing 'n' vac-ing' [you'll get the reference when you read the book ;)] the B2B branding world with his new book. I defy anyone in business not to read the book without nodding your head and exclaiming 'bloody hell' a few times. Oh and read 'branding' as reputation and reputation as branding... same thing you know? If you are a business to business company then do yerself a favour. Buy this book!"

Carol Verity-Mann, Director, Hallman Marketing

"Just finished the book and to my surprise did read it from cover to cover. Brand is not a word that works well in many of the businesses I have worked on - too many fluffy fmcg connotations. So congratulations on producing an engaging B2B Brand read. This guy knows his onions, shame I never briefed him when I was client-side, it would have been interesting. Keep championing the cause."

Graham Wylie, Director, The Marketing Bridge

"This book is brilliant... just need the opportunity and freedom to implement."

Scott Addington, Marketing Manager N.Europe, Kofax

"After your shameless pimping, I've just remembered to buy those 3 copies I was going to give to a few people - you'd better get Amazon some more stock. Guess that proves brand strategy (even with creative), without relentless comms, is meaningless eh ;-)"

Richard Frodin, Chief Operating Officer, Reed Recruitment

"Practical enough to use in a company, scientific enough to use in a Master's Thesis, enjoyable enough to read from cover to cover. I think it’s a valuable book for every marketing student or company. It gives a complete image of B2B branding and actually the entire marketing world. It doesn’t feel like you are reading something for school or for your company, it really reads like any other book you read for pleasure. My brother also read it and said he never read a business book so quickly from cover to cover. Scot Mckee writes in a very entertaining and accesible way, but still gets you to understand clearly how to build a brand and act in a business world. I think this book is applicable to students, companies, and any other person interested in the branding world."

Elke Van Looveren, Masters Degree, Organisation & Mangt, University of Antwerp

"Scot makes branding fun - a great read for anyone whose company brand is lacking identity."

Carly Ferguson, Marketing Manager, B2B Marketing

"The best thing I have read yet on B2B branding."

Rosa Wilkinson, Snr. Brand Strategy Consultant, The Value Engineers

"This book made a difference for me. In the middle of our brand development project it offered guidance and creative thinking. It also made me laugh out loud (no, really). Thank you Scot! x"

Sue Pryce, Head of Marketing, Unipart Logistics

"The funniest, and best B2B marketing book ever! That's it! Nothing more to say. The author also turned out to be a very nice guy, always ready to reply via Twitter to his readers."

Marco Serusisee, Marketing & Development Director, Aeronova

"Loved this book as it broke a few misgivings that I had. I always thought B2B was boring and with hardly any scope for branding. The wit and ease with which Scot drives a point home is a rarity. I keep referring to the book every now and then not just for pointers but also for the fact that despite being an academic topic it is an entertaining book."

Ashima Kakar, Manager - Branding, Confederation of Indian Industry

"I wanted a fresh perspective on B2B Marketing and Scot McKee certainly delivered it. A fun read, whilst challenging how we normally think about B2B brands. Well worth a read. Recommended."

Yvette Dainton, Customer Experience & Marketing Director, Kcom

"From the second I started reading this book, I was hooked. Real life examples are plotted throughout as well as the bigger picture Scot paints. For me, the ending was by far the best. I don't want to spoil it for you but I'll never look at a B2B case study the same again! Highly recommend this book to any marketer in the B2B arena who wants to get away from boring, unimaginative and 'safe' marketing."

Danielle Kostyrasee, Marketing Executive, Kulu Valley

"'Creative B2B Branding' landed in my lap last week. It's worth a read, particularly the chapter on social media. Informative and entertaining. I had to suppress laughter whilst reading it on public transport this week!"

Graham Munday, Global Head of Mkting. & Communications, WSP

"I've known Scot for quite some time - and I've hired him more than once for good reason. His agency, Birddog, delivers breakthrough Brand Strategy, Creative Strategy & Digital Strategy - without a picture of a suited handshake in sight. Hurrah. I recently finished reading 'Creative B2B Branding (no really)' and I found it useful to get his perspective. I'm already looking at sections of the book for a 2nd time - and I think it is fair to say, I'll return to the book in years to come. The bottom line is that Scot is a B2B marketing legend. And if you are a B2B marketeer with even a modicum of common sense - you'll read this book straightaway."

Chris Hoskin, CMO, Artesian

"Finished your book 'Creative B2B Branding' - Great inspiration..."

Katie Hungerford, Marketing Manager, Collinson Latitude

"Yours is some of the only compelling writing I have ever seen on the subject of brands. I've been reading and re-reading the first few chapters. It's given me a lot to think about. I'm going to go back through your book from the beginning, and take notes."

Greg Varhaug, NBIZ Magazine

"Love the book! A cracker indeed! Great insight."

H. Kensett, Director, Convince

"I found your book Creative B2B Branding (no, really) a very interesting and refreshing read - I've read quite a few books on B2B marketing and attended numerous webinars and it's a breath of fresh air that trying someone is trying to spice up the perception of the mundane B2B businessman in his/her suit and tie!"

A. French, Planner, Response One

"It took me 6 weeks to read this book which means one of two things, either each chapter tells a story that you want to take and apply in a meaningful way to your business...or I'm not very bright. Despite lacking the volume of swearing that I know Scot is capable of, it still contains the same blunt, butt-clenching beautiful story telling that he has become well known for. The only business book that I have ever read cover to cover and if I'm honest, have genuinely applied. A masterclass in marketing and branding for today's ridiculously complex landscape. Ignore it at your peril. Funny, charming and loaded with brilliant content."

Lee Harris, Managing Director, The Office Geek.

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