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B2B tends to be a 'vanilla' environment. Brands operating in B2B sectors pull back from brave or bold marketing decisions or radical brand identities. It's an inconvenient truth that most B2B marketing practitioners default to 'safe' marketing solutions.

It takes a very brave and determined marketer to swim against this often overwhelming tide of mediocrity. Step forward Scot McKee.

Scot is a man with opinions. Lots of them. Thankfully, he also had a sense of humour. As you'll discover in his book, Scot does not believe B2B brands, branding or marketing should be vanilla, or run-of-the-mill in any way. Quite the opposite in fact; he believes they should challenge, subvert and upset the status quo at every reasonable (and sometimes not so reasonable) opportunity.

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Creative B2B Branding (no, really)

This book combines experience, insight, anecdote, observation, and example to demonstrate how businesses can dramatically improve their creative communication and the value of their brands.

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Joel Harrison

Scot is the guy in the room who will ask the difficult question. I'm not saying he courts controversy for its own sake (although he has been known to) but if there's an encapsulation of 'left field' in B2B marketing, it's generally going to be Scot-shaped.

Since our first meeting, Scot has become a regular contributor to B2B Marketing, in print, online and at events. He's proven to me that he's one of the clearest and most compelling thinkers, not to mention one of the best writers, operating in this sector. If you're looking for genuine insight and a compelling perspective on a B2B brand or marketing issue, you ignore Scot McKee at your peril.

I've been looking forward to 'Creative B2B Branding (no, really)' and it does not disappoint. The ideas are considered, compelling and clearly expressed, and it is written in Scot's trademark irreverent yet forceful style. 'Creative B2B Branding (no, really)' not only functions as a valuable explanation of what good branding is and its relevance in B2B, it provides a comprehensive and practical roadmap detailing how a company can embrace best practice and leverage the potential of a well defined and thought-though brand, as well as outlining the problems that you'll undoubtedly face along the way. Scot's arguments are illustrated and backed up with numerous useful and insightful examples of branding and marketing challenges that he's faced in his 10 million year career, which bring the points alive and reinforce the messages.

It would be wrong to say that B2B marketing needs more people like Scot McKee to be successful - one of him is probably all we can cope with. What is true, however, is that if more people read his book and were inspired by the ideas contained within it, the standard of business branding would rise significantly. That's good news for all of us.